Create a Winning Team with scoutSMART

Our proprietary analytics platform will help you identify the
best recruits for your program based on your specific needs

You spend countless hours watching film to hopefully find the recruits you need to form a winning team. scoutSMART's recruiting analytics help you filter through all of the available recruiting data and focus on the recruits that will succeed in your program.


Here's how it works:

  1. You identify what is important to your program based on your style of play and admission requirements  

  2. You search the scoutSMART database of more than 75,000 recruits and track recruits of interest

  3. You (and other coaches) provide a skill rating for the recruit

  4. scoutSMART produces a customized fitSCORE for each recruit based on their high school stats, skills ratings and academic score.

  5. Analytics dashboards are available to view and compare recruits

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