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July 19, 2018

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Sports Analytics - How to Leverage People, Process, and Technology

April 18, 2017


After the goals and scope of a sports analytics program have been defined, the focus turns to producing and improving the analytics.  A proven methodology for execution is to ensure that the correct people, process and technology are incorporated.  

  1. People – On the field, everyone needs to know their assignment.  The same is true for sports analytics.  Coaches need to be involved to provide input and feedback.  In the university setting, there may be participants from the math, computer science or engineering departments that are willing to participate and help with the calculations.  Ensure that these participants understand the goals and usage of the sports analytics that are being produced.  Finally, someone needs to act as the project manager and drive the execution of the program.  This person ensures that roadblocks are removed and adjustments are made as needed.

  2. Process – Ensure that there is a repeatable, documented process.  It is difficult to make improvements unless the process that is followed is understood.  Documenting the key steps in the process will result in consistency in an environment where there is significant personnel turnover.  

  3. Technology – Implementing the right technology solution will make it much easier to produce, modify, analyze, and visualize the analytics.   Start the technology selection process by defining the requirements that are needed for your program and map these to the tools that are available.  Many people simulate calculations in an Excel spreadsheet.  This works for the prototype phase, but you will need a more robust tool as your program matures.


If you are interested in additional information about how to begin a sports analytics program check out CSA’s resources here  or contact me at

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